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Herbal remedies for hay fever have been gaining in popularity recently. But finding out what herbs and extracts are effective can sometimes be a challenge. Not to mention determining possible side affects and their severity. Here are some commonly cited herbs that can be used to treat hay fever with some details on each one and its usefulness.

There are numerous herbal remedies that can be effective in treating hay fever allergies. They are attractive for many reasons, cost, simplicity, and risk to name a few. Not to mention, many of them have additional benefits and are healthy alternatives. What better way to treat your allergies than with safe, natural herbs and extracts that can be applied right in the comfort of your home.

Do hay fever allergies have you feeling down? Home remedies can be very effective in treating hay fever symptoms. Plus, they are healthy, inexpensive and produce virtually no side effects. In addition, homeopathic solutions can be administered immediately without the need for a new prescription, doctor visit or trip to the pharmacy. These types of treatments can also provide relief for those sensitive to medication or those with restrictions on the usage of conventional medications, such as children and pregnant or nursing mothers. Here are some effective treatment options.