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Hay Fever

If you suffer from hay fever, you are not alone. In fact, hay fever, or allergic rhinitis, is one of the most common allergies, with over 1 of 5 people experiencing some level of discomfort from these seasonal allergies. Whether you have suffered from hay fever for many years or have recently developed it, you probably have a number of questions about what is going on and what you can do to treat your symptoms.

What is Hay Fever?

Hay fever is an allergic condition that is experienced when you come into contact with triggers like pollen, mold, dust mites or pet dander. Symptoms of hay fever include things like sinus congestion and eye irritation. Hay fever is normally seasonal in nature, so these symptoms are usually worse in the spring and late summer, but they can be quite severe at times.

Do I have Hay Fever?

If you seem to get "sick" at certain times of year - like spring or fall - you may have hay fever. The symptoms of hay fever are similar to those of a common cold. But a cold is virus, whereas hay fever is an allergic response. Some symptoms, like a fever or aches and pains are signals that you are suffering from a cold rather than allergies. A common cold generally only lasts a couple weeks, while hay fever will last as long as you are exposed to the allergen. If you are unsure whether or not you have allergies or think you may, it is best to seek the advice of a qualified health care professional.

How Can I Treat Hay Fever?

There are several methods for effective hay fever treatment. Many different medications are available to provide relief from the various symptoms of hay fever. Various home remedies are known to provide relief for most people. There is no cure for hay fever, but long term treatment plans can be effective in desensitizing the immune system.

Seasonal allergies can be an enormous burden on you and your family. They can be difficult to manage and understand. But there are ways to minimize the effect that hay fever has on your life. For most people, minimizing exposure and finding the right combination of treatments can alleviate the worst of allergy symptoms. We know the effect that allergies can have on your quality of life, we are here to help get you the information and tools to manage your hay fever.